Project Exodus is a goverment project created in the 2050s by the American Government to use time travel and completely rewrite history, to change the world and make it a better place. The US Government were planing to transport the finest minds in the world into Roman Times( As seen in The Gates Of Rome ) and restart civilisation. The plan involved approaching Emperor Claudius at the end of his reign, and approach him with supplies and weaponry from the future. The group would then take over and create a society based on American values in Roman times, creating a better future and avoiding the crisis they ran away from in the 2050s. The project would be using a larger and more primitive displacement machine to transport the people and equipment back in time. This device was created by Dr Rashim Anwar, and his job was to ensure that every caculation involved in the displacement was incredibly precise, so as to ensure no equipment or people were lost when heading back in time The project was going well, unti a genetically engineered bioweapon, known only as Kosong-ni, was released into the biosphere by either the Japanese or the North Koreans. This virus forced the Exodus team to completely rewrite their calculations, as many idea team members died or went missing. Instead, rich and powerful individuals from across the globe made an undignified scramble ont oExodus, hoping to escape back in time. When the displacement was complete, however, only half of the group survived. Some equipment and people were lost in chaos space. The Exodus group discovers that instead of arriving at the end of Claudius' reign, they have instead arrived 17 years earlier, during the reign of the Roman emperor Caligula. All of the group, save for Rashim, wind up slaughtered by Caligula, when he gains control of their artificial support units, which gain the nickname of the Stone Men.


Project Exodus winds up altering history, but not in the way its creators intended: instead, thanks to their actions, the Roman Empire grows weaker and weaker. Rome turns into a slum of over a million people, with gangs ruling the streets and Caligula planning for an ascension into Heaven. In 2001, America is never colonized, instead remaning as coniferous woodland, with Native Indians as its inhabitants.