Saleena "Sal" Vikram
Gender Female
First Appearance TimeRiders (book)
Last Appearance TimeRiders: The Mayan Prophecy (book)
Born 2013
Occupation TimeRider Agent (observer)
Parents Hari Vikram (father)

Saleena "Sal" Vikram is the teams "First line of defence". She was the champion of a fictional future game called Pikado, where you have to spot random patterns or pictures. Because of this she is the member of the team who spots a "shift" in time, in other words "the observer". She was saved by Foster before a skyscraper collapsed during a fire in 2026.


Sal was trapped inside a collapsing skyscraper along with her parents and several others of the skyscraper's inhabitants. Sal's father insisted they'd find a way out and that they could dig out but then an old man stepped in telling him that there was no escape and that everyone there with them would die, except for Sal. He explained he could come and leave easily and that he could only take Sal with him. Sal hesitated to take the stranger's hand but her father forced her to go with him and survive. Panicking, Sal was forced into taking the man's hand and the last thing she saw was a little boy's teddy bear tumbling though the air as everything went black along with a falling sensation...

Notepad and other things Edit

Sal has a notepad that she uses as a diary which she found in her bed with the first dozen pages missing . She has found a replica of Liam's steward's uniform in a fancy dress shop and and also The Blue Bear that she remembers tumbling down her apartment building as it burned and she was rescued by Foster. This causes her to believe that they are the previous team that were mentioned in the first book and are going to be killed by a seeker as Liam's Titanic uniform had exactly the same wine stain on it as the one in a costume shop window.

In Time RidersEdit

In the first book, Sal was first seen in her bunk having a nightmare about the fire she was saved from. She appears to be the most traumatised about her "death" than Liam or Maddy. She becomes the "observer" of the group, or the person who notices any changes in the enviornment that can hint that someone messed with time. During the apoctalyptic version of New York, she was the first to find the "gollum like" cannibal remains of humans. She is later kidnapped by them and assumed to be killed/eaten. Later when history is fixed, she comes back to the bunker not remembering what happened and thinking she just went out for milk. The others wouldn't tell her, but she knew they were hiding something.

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