TimeRiders is a series of books by Alex Scarrow. There are going to be nine books and eight are available to buy, the ninth book is coming out 2014.

TimeRiders is about a group of people (Madelaine Carter, Liam O'Connor and Sal Vikram) who all almost die at different points through time. But each one was saved by a man called Foster. He travels in time with them to America, 2001. He tells them, after saving them, that they have been recruited by "The Agency". They become TimeRiders, a group created to preserve our timeline. This is because in 2044 a time machine was created, and then destroyed by the creator, Waldstein. Everyone began to try to make another one, and thus The Agency was created. The series follows the adventures of the three timeriders.

Here are all of the covers of books for the series:

Alex Scarrow introduces the TimeRiders series01:12

Alex Scarrow introduces the TimeRiders series

Alex Scarrow introducing the series.


The famous TimeRiders tag is on every book. It goes:

"Mess around with time and the world you know, could become a world you don't."


Liam O'Connor should have died at sea in 1912.

Madelaine Carter should have died in a plane crash in 2010.

Sal Vikram should have died from a fire in 2026.

But they all had a chance to be in a secret agency that prevents people from destroying the direct time we know. After a quick catch up, the team laerns about seekers, and all of them learn their duties. Sal, as looker for any wrong pieces, studies the world around her. FInally, they get a foetus friend named Bob. They also searched the Museum of Natural History.

But, at the last second of the countdown for the Twin Towers to collapse, the world changes. And suddenly, it's Germanic! Liam (who is completely scared of water) and Bob are sent back in time threw a cylinder tube of water, at the standard point where calenders started: 1956. But what they find themselves in is a battle range of gunfire as the newly employed Nazis plunge into the grounds of the White House. After learing from a local fighter, Liam gets stuck with him . . . for SIX MONTHS. He is brought to a campsite for those offenders.

Sometime later, the world of 2001 immediately changes into a dusky and dark place with nano Humans squriming around. In an attempt to get certain power, Sal, Maddy, and Foster go to the spooky underworld of the subway. Maddy, who was secretly told by Foster of Liam's aging in time, hides the secret.

In 1956, Bob decides (through that branicish brain) to become the superman of freeing people from campsites to look for Liam, who is implanted in no. 74. Another small army fella joins him. After finally finding Liam, and making Bob's friend feel jealous, they sneak off well the men pray.

Back at The Archway, they are having terrifying problems with nano Humans. Finally, after a long thought of silence, Maddy guesses that the boys would go the Museum of Natural History. After having no luck in the hours, they finally find some secret scrapings on the concrete which show them the hidden book of signatures.

Meanwhile, Liam and his muscly Bob have made plans to go to the Museum of Natural History. After beating through the guards, and tricking them with their assignments, they find a young 20s man employed to look after the goods. Explaining a lot of things, Liam finally tells him this world would change. Writing his handwriting in, things are half accomplished. But Liam's memories haunt him of Bob's destruction in just days time . . .

After finding the pinpoint in time of where the boys are,  they are lunged with an attack of nano Humans in a strike of terror.

Meanwhile, Liam and Bob screech their way out to the original Archway where people close dry. WIth a hardout against the smart boss, Liam swoops in with Bob, but Liam knows he has to destruct Bob and take his AI memory, but that will not happen now . . . .

Foster ruthlessly opens the portal and Bob turns action mode and fights off the nano Humans.

After that, from the information Liam has got, they are sent to 1941, hide in a tree, and wait for Kramer. Finally, after a long talk and battlefight, the Nazis sirens go off. After they all turn out dead, including Bob, Liam escapes back to the future and Bob's AI is put in a computer.

TimeRiders: Day of the PredatorEdit

TimeRiders: The Doomsday CodeEdit

TimeRiders: The Eternal WarEdit

TimeRiders: Gates of RomeEdit

TimeRiders: City of ShadowsEdit

TimeRiders: The Pirate KingEdit

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