Hello my fellow Time Travelling TimeRiders,

I've only recently started on this wikia and I'm already in love with it and fully working on editing pages and making some nice contributions. Doing this I couldn't help noticing that some things need editing that can only be edited by admins. This lead me to look up who the admins were and if they were active enough to message them or ask them to change it. Looking up the admins made me realize they are unfortunately not very active. Therefor my wish is to become an admin myself and edit everything that needs to be edited and help anyone who has questions, problems etc :) 

However before putting in a request on the wikia community page I'd like to discuss things with the actual real posters, editers, commenters, and TimeRider fans here :) So if you have any comments or objections please feel free to leave them here and I'll discuss it with you and see if putting in a request for becoming an admin is actually necessary or not. If no one replies then I'll be a little disappointed but I'll fill in the request so that I can try and make this wikia a little more lively again :)

~Your friendly neighborhood Time_Traveller_

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