Employees Edit

The 3 known founders/employees of WG Systems are Roald Waldstein, Frasier Griggs and Joseph Olivera. Roald is the initial founder of the company, and the inventor, Frasier is the marketeer, and Joseph is a general employee.

Products Edit

One known product of WG systems is genetically engineered robots - commonly known colloquially as Meatbots. Examples of these include Abel, Faith, Bob and Becks. No other products are mentioned in the series. (Time machines are not included in this list, because although they were invented by Waldstein in 2034 - inspired by a paper by Edward Chan in 2023 - he campaigned against time travel after either watching or saving his wife from a car crash, or witnessing Kosong-ni.) WG Systems certainly has a lot more products, or Waldstein wouldn't have his billions.